Ashaki Model Boudoir Calendar

People are beautiful. Every person deserves to feel gorgeous, sexy, and most importantly – confident. Ashaki Boudoir Photography is a fantastic way to achieve all three! Boudoir photography generally refers to empowering images of women in their favorite intimate garb, but it is so much more than that (and not gender-specific anymore).

Boudoir is not the same as just lingerie photography. Boudoir has its own specific set of characteristics. The motive behind boudoir is to have individuals feeling confident in themselves and their sensuality.

Boudoir work allows the subject to really receive images that are both ‘sexy’ but ‘sophisticated’ in nature. Boudoir photo sessions are typically done for everyone, not just the professional model. The motive behind that is to capture the beauty and sensuality of anyone, rather than selling an idea of glamour. This requires a lot of open communication between the subject and the photographer and develops a unique client relationship unlike any other.


The models for this calendar, inspired me to create it. It is the first of it's kind for this series.


33 Calendars sold

Sharon Fitzgerald

You can help support this project by purchasing a calendar. Proceeds from your purchase will allow us to create more calendars and future items like t-shirts and posters.

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